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PAMS Choice

In this official showcase, 13 committee-selected theater, dance, music and multi-
disciplinary performances are staged for domestic and overseas performing arts
PAMS Choice designees receive airfare support for overseas tours (co-sponsored by
the Korea Foundation), training and consulting opportunities, and translation
services (co-sponsored by the Korea Literature Translation Institute). The selection
committee steers this support to the performances that they feel have the most to
gain from overseas exposure.

PAMS Choice2010

A Dwarf Who Loved Snow White - Theatre Company TUULInformation
A Dwarf Who Loved Snow White has enjoyed great popularity since its premiere in 2001. Its long-running appeal has helped it secure a spot in the 2002 Okinawa International Theatre Festival and a recent contract with a company in Taiwan.
Peer Gynt - Yohangza Theatre CompanyInformation
Yohangza is the first Korean company to stage A Midsummer Night's Dream at London’s Barbican Centre. We can find the astonishing direction of Yang Jung-Ung based on original work of Ibsen. This production won the best production, direction and stage design awards at the 2nd Korea Theatre Award in 2009.
Darkness PoomBa - Kim Jae-Duk ProjectInformation
At age 23, the little-known KIM Jae-Duk won the Grand Prize at the 2007 Seoul Dance Festival. He has now become a rising star in Asia as well after being invited to perform at the Winterthur Theatre in Switzerland, the 2009 Dance Triennale Tokyo and the Indonesian Dance Festival.
A Seventh Man - LG Arts Center (JUNG Young-Doo)Information
‘A Seventh Man’ commissioned by LG Arts Center is based on the eponymous book by English writer John Berger and photographer Jean Mohr, which features immigrant workers’ life. It has been praised for its clear concepts and fine choreography. JUNG Young-Doo, the choreographer, won the 2003 Yokohama Dance Collection’s highest award as well as a special award from the French Embassy in Japan for his work.
Pattern & Variability - Park Soon-Ho Dance ProjectInformation
PARK Soon-Ho's dance performance was an opening event for the Winterthur Theatre Festival in Switzerland and Festival ASIA in Spain 2007. He has also collaborated with PACT Zollverein in Germany and Sal Vanilla in Japan
Modern Feeling - Lee In Soo Dance ProjectInformation
LEE In-Soo is known as a street dancer-turned-choreographer. As a college student, he began building an international career early on as a member of Emio Greco|PC. He also participated in the Tel Aviv Dance Festival and Lincoln Center OUT OF DOORS 2009.
Metamorphosis! - Geomungo-FactoryInformation
Geomungo Factory is a group of young musicians who enjoy making new sounds and even new instruments from their beloved geomungo, such as the mini geomungo, xylophone geomungo, cello geomungo and electric geomungo. They synthesis of modern music and the traditional Korean string instrument is drawing a great deal of attention.
Nom-verbal Performance One - Cheong-Bae Play Group Information
Cheong-Bae Play Group is famous for encouraging the audience to join in traditional Korean performances, such as daechuita (military band music) samullnori (farmers’ percussion quartet) and gut (shaman dancing and music). The group has won top prizes in many national competitions for their outstanding work.
Dreamsfrom the Ancestor - Miyeon & ParkInformation
Miyeon & Park released their second album entitled [Dreams From The Ancestor] in 2008 and it was awarded both "The Best Crossover Album" and "The Best Instrumental Album" in 6th Korean Music Award in the following year. In this splendid masterpiece, the duo has built new lines and structures which are amazingly innovative and refreshing in Korean music history. You will see a music you have never met before in any other place or time.
Tori, Sori, Nori (Playing with the Sound of Tori) - Tori EnsembleInformation
Tori Ensemble is a world music project group, composed of three Korean traditional musicians and three New York free Jazz musicians and they perform based in Korea and New York since 2007. Through the oriental intuitive and improvisation, they have the creative sound of Tori Ensemble.
Oil Pressure Vibrator - Geumhyung JeongInformation
Geumhyung JEONG is known for applying objet d´art to sexual objects and this time has modified an oil pressure vibrator to create a unique work that is linked to her body. Jeong was invited to perform in the UK’s Experimentica in 2007 and 2008 and also put her work on stage at the Canada Live Biennale in 2009.
Riverside Salon - Doosan Art CenterInformation
is a 'Korean Salon Drama Concert' that makes good use of 1930s Korean pop hits. , produced by Doosan Art Center, was so popular that tickets were sold out every performance.
tacit.perform[0] - Tacit GroupInformation
This unique experimental audio-visual performance links audience with computer environment like games and chatting. Works of Tacit Group with key musicians including CHANG Jaeho, a progressive electro-acoustic musician, LEE Jinwon, a former techno DJ and producer, and Nam Sangwon, an emerging artist in experimental dance music scene in Korea precisely define the experimental audio-visual genre.
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